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A Life Saved:

Dominica's Story

A LIFE SAVED: Dominica's Story by Caroline Rayfield Author

On an evening in late March, a stray dog is found wandering the streets of a Mexican city. She shows signs of mistreatment but has a spirit that isn’t easily forgotten. The year-old pup has back legs that don’t fully function. Life isn’t easy, but she makes the most of what she has. After captivating a local woman, the dog is taken to a rescue outside of the city in an attempt to give her the chance at a better life. The stray wants nothing more than a home and sense of security. A journey begins to bring the rescued dog, now named Dominica, everything that she could ever want. A Life Saved chronicles the selfless acts by these individuals to help Dominica. Involving multiple rescues across the continent, they must work together to help a dog that belongs to no one but the streets. Dominica moves along the path towards wellness and the one thing she wants most . . . a family.

Publication Date

October 16, 2023





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