About the Author

Caroline Rayfield Author of The Adventures of MILO CHOW: Being good isn't easy!

Caroline Rayfield

Caroline E. Rayfield was born in England and spent her early years travelling. From England, her family moved to the United States before ending up in Toronto, Canada. She developed a love of books and animals. Her home was always filled with books to read and pets to play with.

Caroline still lives in Toronto with her children and pets including three dogs, two guinea pigs, her turtle and a fish named Archie. She works with children and supports the importance of a healthy and nurturing relationship between animals and children.

She became introduced to the rescue world through the fostering and adoption of her dog, Sully. It was very shortly afterwards that Caroline started to volunteer for Mattie’s Place rescue in Toronto. Within two weeks of Sully’s adoption, her third dog Dominica entered her life. Dominica was her first exposure to a dog with medical needs. Dominica was adopted by the family the following month.

The Adventures of Milo Chow was written about life with a Chow puppy whom she eventually adopted after months of fostering. It is the first in a series illustrating the magic of everyday life with a rescue pet.

In October of 2023, A Life Saved was published. It details the journey of Dominica, a former Mexican street dog. Dominica, who first appears in The Adventures of Milo Chow, is a special needs pet.

Caroline is currently working on her third book, The World According to Milo Chow, the sequel to The Adventures of Milo Chow.