About the Book

The Adventures of

Milo Chow:

Being Good Isn't Easy!

The Adventures of MILO CHOW: Being good isn't easy! by Caroline Rayfield Author

In the early hours of a cold February morning, a four-month-old puppy named Milo Chow is put on a plane heading to Toronto. He has left his family for a new life. Unsure of what he will face, Milo is put on a path that will hopefully bring him a new family.

After joining a rescue in Toronto, Milo soon discovers that things don’t always go according to plan. Facing challenges from the very start, Milo has to put his trust in a total stranger.

This puppy enters a world that is completely different from the one that he has known.

Milo soon finds his voice and discovers that trying to be a good boy isn’t always easy.

Publication Date

September 21, 2022





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